Redington Surge

Fly fishing is a very exciting and fast growing sport. With any sport it is important to have quality materials. Redington fly reels are well known for their production quality and durability. Redington is a Washington based company that was founded in 1992. Redington set out to produce quality affordable fishing rods and reels. Redington currently has six styles of fly reels available.

· Crosswater
· Pursuit
· Surge
· Drift
· Rise
· Delta

The Redington Surge fly reel is made with an aluminum frame and spool, which make them very durable. It is easily converted to left or right-handed retrieve. What sets the Redington Surge fly fishing reel apart from the other styles of reels is the graphite composite drag housing and industrial strength drag surface. The strength in this reel allows you the confidence in your equipment to go after the largest fish.

The Redington Surge fly reel is reasonably priced. The Surge reel offers a lifetime original owner warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. It is important to maintain your equipment to manufacturer specifications. One mistake much first time fly fisherman make is not properly caring for their reel when it is not in use. One of the best things you can do is rinse the reel with clean freshwater and placing it back in its original packaging.

The Redington Surge fly fishing reel is durable and dependable, for the money you can’t find a better fly fishing reel.

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Redington Surge


Specification for Redington Surge Fly Reel

Model     Line        Weight    Diameter        Yards/Lb
Surge     7/8/9       6.6              3.92                 200/20
Surge         5/6        5.6               3.53                 100/20
Surge         3/4        5.2               3.12                  75/20