Redington Rise

Not all fly reels are made the same, and they do much more than just hold the line. Using a quality reel can enhance your fishing experience, and help you land the big one.

The Redington Rise fly reel ranks up at the top. Constructed out of anodized aluminum, it is very light. The bearings are ceramic coated, which makes for an extremely smooth feel when reeling. When you hook a fish on the Redington Rise fly reel, you will immediately be able to tell this difference between this reel and other reels of lower quality.

Redington fly reels have a history of quality, and this reel does not disappoint. It offers super smooth casting, and great line control. Getting your line out quietly and placing it in the right spot the first time is what the Redington Rise fly reel is all about.

Another great feature to Redington fly reels is how durable they are. Lesser quality reels can wear out after one year of use, or even less. This sturdy reel can be used for a lifetime. The reason for this is simple: it is made out of quality parts and materials. Few realize the importance of this until they have their reel fail on them.

Lesser quality reels are not resistant to corrosion. This can be a huge problem as corrosion and rust cause the springs and gearings to not function well, or to fail altogether. Redington fly reels will not rust, nor will they become corroded.

When choosing your next reel, try this excellent quality reel. You will not be disappointed.

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Redington Rise

Specification for Redington Rise Fly Reel

Model    Line   Weight    Diameter     Yards/Lb
Rise        9/10       5.3         3.7                250/20
Rise        7/8         5.1         3.47              200/20
Rise        5/6         4.8         3.23              100/20
Rise        3/4         4.6           3                    75/20