Pflueger Purist Fly Reel - Quality at a Good Price

Ideal for use as an entry level reel, or on a second (or spare) rod, the Pflueger Purist fly reel is sure to serve you well.

Perfect for trout fishing in those small to medium streams, you could do far worse than choose this reel.

Straight out of the box, the reel is ready to use and, depending on where you purchase, you may even pick up a reel pre-spooled with line and backing, leader and starter flies, which will save you some money right from the off.

For the beginner to fly fishing, this would make it an ideal choice of entry level reel. For the more experienced angler, the line can be replaced with a preferred option, whilst keeping the free line as a spare.

If you shop around, you can pick this reel up for under $30, but don't be fooled by the low price, you may just be impressed!

Its excellent quality has been remarked upon by many who have chosen to buy one and, at around the same price as the Medalist, but weighing less, the Purist is straightforward and very simple to use. Add to this its solid build and you can be confident that this reel is built to last, even in tough conditions.

It has been said by some that the reel is a bit noisy and that the drag is either on or off, so no adjustment is possible. However, as you don't really need adjustable drag for fly fishing, this is not really too much of an issue. In spite of these minor gripes, the reel has a nice smooth action and is light, but strong and durable.

By getting a Pfleuger Purist fly reel, you will be getting a low cost, high quality product while, at the same time, saving enough money for some quality line and flies.

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Pflueger Purist