Medalist 1400

The Pflueger Medalist 1400 series Fly Reel is a must have for the true angler. The spool and frame are made of a lightweight aluminum alloy, with a non-reflective black finish. One of the many features of this reel is the ease of push button release. It has an adjustable drag, (externally mounted) set for a small easy going day in your local stream, or snagging the big one in a roaring mountain river.

A right or left handed angler will like the fact that the Pflueger Medalist 1400 series reel can be either right or left handed retrieve. No more upside down reeling.

The 1400 series has a diameter of 2-11/16" a width of 11/16" and a mere 5.4 oz. in weight. It will take up to#7 Fly Line, and has a backing of30yrds. /20#.

Lightweight Aluminum Alloy, Push button release, retrieves with either hand, or a non-reflective black finish. This is a must have reel for the true fly fishing individual. This real is ideal for going out for a day along your favorite stream, standing in the rushing waters of a mountain river. Just you, nature, and your Fly rod equipped with a Medalist 1400 series reel.

Remember, wither your reeling in a Rainbow, battling with a Brooke, or bring in that Native. Take along your Waders, your net, your (can't miss, always land the big ones) luck fly, your favorite rod, and your Pflueger Medalist 1400 series reel. See you at the water’s edge.

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