Orvis Mirage

If you are a fishing fanatic and love to spend hours out fishing, fighting with that big one to get it in the boat, then the Orvis Mirage Reels are just what you’re looking for to spice up your fishing experience. This strong and ever so lightweight reel, made up of Anodized 6061, T6 aluminum, along with heavily ventilated Spool that sheds weight all the while keeping its strength, picks up line amazingly fast, giving you the edge over any and all fresh water and salt water fish.

The Orvis Mirage Reels also has, a diamond knurling on the knob which makes it easier to grasp as well as adjust, when you’re in mid battle with that monster of a fish. It also has a sealed, not to mention maintenance free drag surface and has a click drag knob and quality drag settings. Just when you think it could not get any better, it does. The Orvis Mirage Reels also have, a quick release spool, and it can easily be converted from the left to the right hand. It has a special hand shape on it; it is designed to reduce the line from catching.

This particular reel comes in many different price ranges, there is sure to be one that will fit into anyone’s budget. This reel is the only reel that puts that competitive advantage into your fishing, as well as improves your performance and greatly increases your chances of catching that big monster that you've been tangling with for years.

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Orvis Mirage

Orvis Mirage Big Game I Reel
Line Weights: 1-2-3
Reel Weight: 3.8 oz.
Diameter: 3"
12#Dacron - WF2F:125
20#Dacron - WF2F:75

Orvis Mirage Big Game II Reel
Line Weights: 3-4-5
Reel Weight: 4.3 oz.
Diameter: 3.25"
20#Dacron - WF4F:125
35#Gel-Spun - WF6F:125

Orvis Mirage Big Game III Reel
Line Weights: 5-6-7
Reel Weight: 4.8 oz.
Diameter: 3.5"
20#Dacron - WF6F:125
35#Gel-Spun - WF8F:150

Orvis Mirage Big Game IV Reel
Line Weights: 7-8-9
Reel Weight: 7.2 oz.
Diameter: 4"
20#Dacron - WF7F:225 - WF8F:200 - WF8F:175
35#Gel-Spun - WF7F:275 - WF8F:250 - WF8F:225

Orvis Mirage Big Game V Reel
Line Weights: 9-10-11
Reel Weight: 7.7 oz.
Diameter: 4 1/4"
30#Dacron - WF9F:250 - WF10F:225 - WF11F:200
35#Gel-Spun - WF11F:350 - WF12F:325 - WF13F:300
30#Dacron Spey - WF7F:175 - WF8F:150 - WF9F:125

Orvis Mirage Big Game VI Reel
Line Weights: 11-12-13
Reel Weight: 10 oz.
Diameter: 4 1/2"
30#Dacron - WF1F:350 - WF12F:325 - WF13F:300
35#Gel-Spun - WF11F:550 - WF12F:525 - WF13F:500
30#Dacron Spey - WF8F:275 - WF9F:250 - WF10F:225

Orvis Mirage Big Game VII Shallow Reel
Line Weights: 11-12-13
Reel Weight: 11.7 oz.
Diameter: 5"
30#Dacron - WF11F:350 - WF12F:325 - WF13F:300
35#Gel-Spun - WF11F:550 - WF12F:525 - WF13F:500

Orvis Mirage Big Game VII Deep Reel
Line Weights: 13-14-15
Reel Weight: 11.5 oz.
Diameter: 5"
50#Gel-Spun - WF14S:600

Saltwater Fly Reel From Oris- Mirage