Orvis CFO

How is it possible for a person to go out and have a great day of fishing if they do not have the right kind of fishing reel? Fisherman knows what it means to have the right fishing reel. They know that without the right fishing reel it is not going to be a good day out on the lake. Instead, a fisherman that is not happy with his or her fishing reel is going to have a bad fishing trip because they are fighting with their fishing reel instead of relaxing and catching some fish.

With the Orvis CFO Reels it is easy for fishermen to have great times and great days when they get out on the lake. These fishing reels are made to be easy to use, look vintage, and stand in a class of their own. There is no comparing the Orvis CFO Fly Fishing Reels and Orvis CFO Reels to any other kind of fishing reels there are. There is no reason to even attempt to compare these fishing reels with the other brands it would just be a total waste of a person's time.

Since the Orvis CFO Fly Fishing Reels and Orvis CFO Reels are so good and are made with such care there is really no actual reason for people to wait to get one. Having an Orvis Fishing Reel is like already having fish on the line. So cash that paycheck and go straight to the fishing shop or look up the Orvis CFO Fly Fishing Reel online and people get those fishing reels before all of them fly off the shelves.

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Orvis CFO


Specifications for Orvis CFO Fly Reel

Orvis CFO I
Diameter: 2 3/4"
Reel Weight: 3 1/4 oz.
Line Weights: 1-2-3
20#Dacron - WF1F:100 - WF2F:75 - WF3F:50
12#Dacron - WF1F:125 - WF2F:100 - WF3F:75

Orvis CFO II
Diameter: 2 7/8"
Reel Weight: 3 3/4 oz.
Line Weights: 2-3-4
20#Dacron - WF2F:100 - WF3F:75 - WF4F:50
12#Dacron - WF2F:150 - WF3F:125 - WF4F:100

Diameter: 3"
Reel Weight: 4 oz.
Line Weights: 4-5-6
35#Gel-Spun - WF4F:125 - WF5F:100 - WF6F:75
20#Dacron - WF4F:75 - WF5F:50 - WF6F:25