Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock

The Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock Fly Reel is a quality reel at a fair price. This reel comes in titanium color and is significantly lighter than the other Battenkill reels. It is made from machined aircraft grade aluminum casing, which provides quality structure for the reel. By using the best quality materials you can count on getting the best product available.

The Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock Fly Reel has an adjustable Rulon offset drag mechanism that is one of the best on the market. Also with the stainless steel gearing, this reel is easily changed from left to right handed retrieve, and makes them virtually maintenance free. The black titanium finish allows them to be used in saltwater without worrying about corrosion.

Orvis has a good but simple warranty; if you are not happy with the reel for any reason at anytime, they will simply refund your money. This is the kind of company that is proud of their product and they stand behind its quality craftsmanship. Not many companies would attach that kind of warranty to their product.

Orvis reels are known throughout the fishing world for their durability and quality construction. The original Orvis Battenkill reel was a legend but with the reduced weight of the new version this reel is perfect for lightweight rods. The Battenkill’s simple design is sure to withstand the test of time. If you are in the market for a attractive, lightweight, and durable reel the Orvis Battenkill might be the reel for you.

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Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock

Model    Line    Backing             Reel Capacity    Dia.     Weight
BBS I       1-3    20-lb Dacron     WF1F: 100       1/2"    3.2 oz.
WF2F: 75
WF3F: 50

Model    Line    Backing              Reel Capacity    Dia.      Weight
BBS II    3-5    20-lb Dacron      WF3F: 125       2 3/4"    3.5 oz.
WF5F: 75

Model     Line     Backing               Reel Capacity   Dia.   Weight
BBS III    5-7   20-lb Dacron       WF5F: 125            3"    3.9 oz.
WF6F: 100
WF7F: 75

Model    Line      Backing              Reel Capacity     Dia.       Weight
BBS IV    7-9      30-lb Dacron      WF7F: 150       3 3/8"     4.5 oz.
WF8F: 125
WF9F: 100