Okuma Tuscani Fly Reels are the best if fishing is your hobby. These reels are manufactured in the U.S. and they are made with all machined aluminum, so they are strong, yet durable. For the fisherman or for an occasional fishing trip, these fishing reels are the ones to get. All the accessories come at no extra charge when you purchase the Okuma Tuscani Fly Reels. For the younger fisherman, these reels are great for teaching them how to fish and catch a great fish for dinner!
Once you see how well these fly fishing reels perform and enable you to catch even more than you thought, you will want to purchase another set! As you well know, a man can never have too many fishing reels. Besides all the accessories that are part of the package, you will receive a wooden case to carry all the equipment in. The compartments hold all the hooks, weights, etc. similar to how a jewelry box is designed and the flaps hold the accessories so they don't fall out or get mixed with other accessories. This case is slim, takes up very little space and can be tucked into a corner of a closet or just about anywhere. In addition, it is waterproof so your accessories and the fishing reel won't rust and the inside is lined with velvet.

Tuscani Fly Reels are the way to go if you are an avid fisherman or are just learning. They can be adjusted to size for a beginner or professional fisherman. This means it will grow with you from your first fishing trip and beyond. Professional fisherman has chosen this fishing reel as their choice because it stands up to the rigorous tests that they put their fishing gear through. A great gift for any fisherman!

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Tuscani Fly Reel

Model           Bearings      Fly Line Capacity     Line Retrieve     Line Weight     Weight

TC-4/5         1RB              WF-4, 105yds / 12Lbs         8"           4,5 wt.       4.8 oz.
TC-5/6         1RB              WF-5, 160yds / 20Lbs         9"           5,6 wt.       5.4 oz.