Fly fishing can be an expensive hobby. For a beginner fly fishermen there are many pieces of equipment to purchase such as: reels, rods, lines, bags, waders, vests, etc. This can quickly become very expensive. The last thing a beginner should do when starting a new hobby is invest a lot of money. There is always a chance they will discover fly fishing just is not for them. To that end, a beginner should seek out affordable yet quality equipment.  Okuma SLV Fly Reels fit these criteria to a tee.

Okuma Fly Reels are easily within the beginner fly fisherman’s budget with a price range of $30-$100 depending on size and features. Even though Okuma Fly Reels are affordable that does not make them “cheap”. They have the quality and features of a much more expensive reel. Okuma SLV Fly Reels feature: Multi Disk cork and Stainless Drag Washers, One Direction Drag, Brash Bushing Drive Systems, Stainless Spool Shafts, Alumlite Frames, Non Slip Grips, and is Changeable to a Right or Left Handed Configuration.

A fly reel can easily run several hundred dollars and some of the more expensive and elaborate ones can exceed a thousand dollars. Okuma’s Fly Reels provide the performance of a high end reel at a substantially lower price. They are consistently rated as excellent by fly fishermen. They are suitable for both salt and fresh water fishing. Their sturdy construction enables them to land some of the larger varieties of fish. The sturdy drag and silent retrieve make landing fighting fish a snap. Overall the SLV reel is a light, sturdy, and responsive reel.

The beginning fly fisher cannot go wrong purchasing and of the Okuma SLV Fly Reels. It will more than meet any challenges the average fly fisher can think up. Even the expert fly fisherman who has been casting his fly for years will find little fault in this affordable little reel.

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SLV Fly Reel


Model          Bearings          Line  Capacity           Line   Retrieve   Line Weight       Weight
SLV 2/3      1 RB            WF-2 50yds / 12lbs              8"                        2,3 wt.                 4.5 oz
SLV 5/6      1 RB            WF-5, 140yds / 20lbs         10"                      5,6 wt.                 5.3 oz.
SLV 7/8      1 RB            WF-7, 145yds / 20lbs         11"                       7,8 wt.                5.5 oz.
SLV 8/9      1 RB            WF-8, 150yds / 30lbs         12                         8,9 wt.                6.1 oz.
SLV 10/11    1 RB          WF-10, 220yds / 30lbs     13"                    10,11 wt.               9.7 oz.