The Okuma Sierra Fly Reels are the perfect fishing reels for all fishermen, from amateurs to professionals, to the casual weekend fisherman, who is looking for the perfect reel, and the perfect cast. The Okuma Sierra Fly Fishing Reels feature a fully adjustable Teflon drag system roller bearing, and is covered in stainless steel. This bearing allows the drag from the reel to engage in one direction, and offers the perfect cast every time. The reel itself is covered in die cast aluminum frame die cast standard spool design. This allows for a fisherman to easily change from left to right hand, or vice versa more smoothly and easily.

Consumers in the industry love the Okuma Sierra Fly Reels, due to their lightweight qualities, yet still offering the ultimate strength and power for the catch out on the lake. The reels are excellent quality, durable, and will last the consumer several years; this will not only allow the user to get accustomed to the reel and get the right feel for it, it will also improve the quality and the quantity of the catch being made. The reels are excellent, well made and properly designed, which will allow beginner fisherman to properly cast a reel, yet is still strong enough and powerful enough for the professional fisherman out on a competition.

Purchasing the Okuma Sierra Fly Reels is a great investment for any fisherman, at any level, from beginner, to professional competitor. It is lightweight, yet durable enough to withstand years of ware and tare. The pristine quality and materials used in its design are leaps and bounds others in the industry. So, for the ultimate cast during a big competition, or just a quiet fishing afternoon with friends, the Okuma Sierra is the best choice on the market, for all fishing levels and all fishing settings.

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Okuma Sierra Fly Reel

Model     Bearings     Fly Line Capacity     Line Retrieve     Line Weight     Weight
S-4/5        1 RB            WF-4, 105yds / 12Lbs         8"                    4,5 wt.            5.3 oz.
S-5/6        1 RB            WF-5, 160yds / 20Lbs         9"                    5,6 wt.           5.3 oz.
S-7/8        1 RB            WF-7, 75yds / 20Lbs          8"                     7,8 wt.          5.3 oz.
S-8/9        1 RB            WF-8, 150yds / 20lbs         9"                      8,9 wt.          5.7 oz.
S-10/11    1 RB            WF-10, 285yds / 30lbs       11"               10/11 wt.         6.0 oz.