Okuma Integrity Fly Reels

The Okuma integrity fly reels offer a wide performance to any fly angler groups or individuals interested. This product does not get too specific so as to not shut possible customers from buying the reels. It is also made for easy convenience for all customers. The steel based disk is over sized and has an aluminum frame casing that provides protection from wear and tear. The models vary from a five and six to ten and eleven sizes. The only one of the models out of the group that has specifics is the ten and eleven. The reason for that is because the size ten and eleven model is made for big fish accessories.

The drag system rolls in one direction, so the fishermen do not have to worry about changing fields every time. The Okuma integrity fly reels were precisely manufactured to fit fly anglers and will not properly fit on others. The color of the Okuma integrity fly reels is a solid and stylish black that will gleam in the sun shine and possibly attract the fish to come get your bait, no matter what your preference for fish food is. The Okuma integrity fly reels are a great way for angler fishermen to explore these specific types of reels. With all the immense and variety of accessories, there is no way these reels can be classified as boring. The customer can fish in any weather, because the aluminum frame casing on the steel disk makes it worth to spend the little extra on more quality protection.

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Integrity Fly Reel

Model            Bearings    Fly Line Capacity     Line Retrieve      Line Weight     Weight

I-5/6a             1RB         WF-5, 70yds / 12lbs            9"                        5,6 wt.           7 oz.
I-7/8a            1RB         WF-7, 50yds / 20lbs            9"                       7,8 wt.           7.5 oz.
I-8/9a            1RB         WF-8, 100yds / 20lbs          10"                    8,9 wt.              8 oz.
I-10/11a       1RB          WF-10, 170yds / 30lbs      12"                 10,11 wt.          8.5 oz.