Okuma Helios Fly Fishing Reels are lightweight and easy to maneuver for anyone with mobility issues. Disabled veterans now not only can enjoy what they have been missing but reel in the big one. Fly fishing is the pass-time for many men and women but with these lightweight Okuma Helios fly reels can be used by children or grandchildren as well.

Okuma Helios fly reels come in four different sizes to meet ones fishing needs. When buying your fly reel one might want to buy line as well to receive discounts and learn of more promotions from Okuma Helios. Placing an order can be as simple as going on-line to place an order which after certain amount shipping is free or one can call toll free and place an order as well.

When buying the line for your Okuma Helios fly reel knowing the specifications for the reel you have chosen can help determine the correct line weight, spool width, and the line capacity this will provide a day of good fishing. No guarantees the fish will be biting that day but chances are better with an Okuma Helios fly fishing reel.

Choosing the correct bait for your day of fishing might lead to more of a challenge then one might realize along with items you will need depending on length of fishing trip, number going, and distance traveling for the perfect fly fishing adventure. Species of fish you are fishing for can also be a tough choice depending on what is biting that day. Crappie and bass are the two biggest species one fly fish for. However, there are other species that one can also fly fish for such as trout, bluegill, and Muskie.

No matter what fish you are fishing for the correct reel and bait is the most important if you are going to have a successful day fly fishing. Kick back and fish with your family or friends with the Okuma Helios fly fishing reels.

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Helios Fly Reel

Model               Bearings                    Line  Capacity              Line Retrieve       Line  Weight           Weight

H-34              2BB + 1RB             WF- 3,105yds / 12lbs               8"                         3,4 wt.                    4.5 oz.

H-45              2BB + 1RB              WF- 4,110yds / 20lbs             9"                          4,5 wt.                   5.0 oz.

H-56             2BB + 1RB               WF-5,130yds / 20                 10"                          5,6 wt.                  5.3 oz.

H-78a          2BB + 1RB               WF-7,150yds / 20lbs            11"                          7,8 wt.                 5.9 oz.

H-89a           2BB + 1RB              WF-8,250yds / 20lbs            12"                           8,9 wt.                6.2 oz.