If the term “state of the art technology” can be applied to fishing fly wheels, then the Okuma Cedros Fly Reels walk away with the title. Okuma is the largest maker of spinning reels in the world. Okuma has introduced their own products bearing their name, they are well known today for a variety of products including various reels and rods.

Okuma found the key to success which has eluded even the big automotive manufacturers for years, and that is develop products the customers’ really want, and never forget the importance of value.

The excellence of Okuma Cedros Fly Fishing Reels has led to the stature that Okuma now enjoys. The reels have all the desirable features that any reel can offer including unyielding strength. The Cedros reels also offer all the features a saltwater reel should have.

Okuma has designed fishing reels that make the fishing experience exciting and that enable the user to employ a variety of functions such as a unique drag system that is maintenance free. The features of Okuma reels can only be described as impressive beyond any expectations.

Many of the reels have a visual appeal that is unequalled. The finish is polished to a high shine and the increasing quality of Okuma’s craftsmanship is clearly evident. The frame can best be described as having a metal feel that is soft. The lines and the finish are beyond comparison.

The quality construction with innovative materials develops a reel that has the best feel and smoothness along with an ergonomic design and a low price.

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Cedros Fly Reel

Model         Bearings       Fly Line Capacity            Line Retrieve     Line Weight     Weight

CE-5/6        2BB + 1RB   WF-5, 130yds / 20lbs                10"                 5,6 wt.              6 oz.
CE-7/          2BB + 1RB    WF-7, 150yds / 20lbs               11"                  7,8 wt.            6.6 oz.
CE-8/9        2BB + 1RB   WF-8, 250yds / 20lbs                12"                 8,9 wt.            7.4 oz.