Okuma Cascade Fly Fishing Reels

Okuma Cascade Fly Reels are made of quality materials to assist any fishing enthusiast with their most recent fishing expedition. The reels are made with aluminum disc drags and graphite large arbor reels as well as pre-spooled with the finest backing and floating lines with weight-forward specifications in the design. This quality fishing tackle is easy on the user's hands and assists mightily in bringing in catches from the water to the waiting hands of the fisher.

The Cascade design model is appealing to hold and easy to use. If looking for a perfect item for one's self or as a gift for someone else who fishes, nothing else conveys an understanding of a fishing hobby like treating someone to the gift of Okuma fishing tackle.

Imagine standing on a boat or an embankment, enjoying a relaxing interlude surrounded by an environment where that next big catch is sure to be found. Bring the fishing rod back for presentation of the line then cast the arm forward. Hear the quiet whir of the spool as the line sails smoothly out over the water before settling exactly where one wished for it to land.

Every person who fishes can cast a line, but Okuma Cascade Fly Reels can add to that sensation of satisfaction with a smooth deployment of line as well as assist with the final task of hauling in that fish when it takes the line and runs, racing under the water only to be skillfully reeled back in to the waiting fisherman who can enjoy the sport and trust this tackle to do its job.

Nothing says quality that can be trusted to a fisherman like the Okuma Cascade Fishing Reel. Bring the best to the fishing outing; bring Okuma Cascade Fly Reels to finish the game.

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Cascade Fly Reel

Model          Bearings         Fly Line Capacity         Line Retrieve       Line Weight      Weight
CS-4/6           1 RB         WF-4, 125yds / 20lbs              9"                          4,5,6 wt.          5.0 oz.
CS-7/9          1 RB         WF-7, 135yds / 20lbs             10"                         7,8,9 wt.          6.0 oz.