The Nautilus NV fly reels are resistant to water and can surpass any other equivalent fighting class reel sold in the market. The NV series offers a superior alternative of the CCF drag. Most of the stainless steel components have been upgraded by using ceramics and titanium. These reels are provided with titanium drag shafts and with most recent ceramic micro bearings. These improvements make its maintenance free. The drag surface is also increased by almost 75% in spite of reduction in the total weight that too without any compromise on its fighting class qualities, which are the characteristic of Nautilus NV products.

The NV come in five different sizes 5/6, 6/7, 8/9, 10/11 and recently added size 11/12. You cannot find a match to their stunning looks, weight, and performance.

The reels are sleek and slim. These are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum. Moreover, no details are overlooked in its low profile drag knob, counterweight and 100 and 200-yard backup markers on the spool. The drag design is thrust to trust bearing type that ensures hassle-free cranking under different loads. This also enables smooth line retrieval.

Nautilus NV Fly Reel

The NV series are the lightest reels in this class. You get the value for your money for a big game fly reel.  It can be your lifetime companion for fishing trips.

You can choose from a variety of style and weight of fly reels that suit you the best.  There is a wide range that includes Airflow Rio, Scientific, Anglers or Wolff.

Yu can get a reel in the standard black or brushed silver anodizing color. Nautilus NV Fly reels can also be ordered in the custom colors spools and housings.

A custom colored reel will cost additionally $100  and a spool in the same color will cost $50. Delivery time for the custom orders will vary between 2 to 4 weeks.

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