Latest 2011 model: The Nautilus FWX Fly Reel

The Nautilus FWX  Fly Reel replaces the FW series. It is considered the lightest in the market due to its advanced spool design. Its innovative design makes it possible for the water not to stay on the reel. The spool pops off; entailing a push-on action. This is very different from the older models where the spools had a latch.   An added feature is a new, stainless steel  one-way clutch called TORQ-X clutch drive. This engages in nine positions instead of three, locating the spools a lot faster. The hardened steel shaft engages the sealed carbon fiber track. Drag adjustments are near the drag mouth.

The FWX has the proprietary TPX Bushing which self lubricating and lighter than raft bushing. Another unique feature is the Laser ID line identification system. First in the industry, the Laser ID line identification is a laser-etched while spot on the back of each FWX spool. Personal (such as name, address, and telephone numbers) or spool (such as line type and weight)  information can be handwritten on  the white spot, using a permanent marker. The laser-etched technology enables the handwritten information to stay instead of being washed off.  The amazing part is it can be easily wiped off with alcohol when changing lines, spool, or personal information. A great selling point in this model!

Nautilus FWX Fly Reel

Weighing  4.1 ounces, the reel is  half an ounce  lighter than the FW series.  It is available in three models: FWX 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8. It is also compatible with the FW reels. It is fresh water light and salt water safe. The retail price ranges from US$ 240 to US$ 280. Colors come in silver and black but  may also be customized.

Definitely upgraded from the other series, the Nautilus FWX Fly Reel is a 2011 must buy product!

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