In the game of fly fishing market  the CCF series has got a big role to play due to its technologically sound mechanism. It  has added a very convenient drag system with through inclusion of the characteristics of  cork drags in it. It  has also added with it  the start-up inertia of carbon fiber.  All these have made this a sound  braking system with six perfect reels. You can find the reels in two different colors say black and silver.

Nautilus Reels from design point of view  are  very descent and cute looking. Similarly from performance point of view, they are excellent and have the caliber to out perform the competitor. You can get reels in different sizes. They are Nautilus NV 5/6, 6/7, 8/9 and 10/11. NV series are quite good comparatively to other Nautilus CCF Fly Reel varieties. Their builds are solid and its stainless steel parts  have been mostly replaced by ceramics and titanium. The machine has been designed with fine precision with aircraft grade Aluminum.

Nautilus fly fishing reels  can be maintained without any hassle.  You can remove and rinse the spool and the housing / center hub lightly with tap water subsequent to an outing to salt water.  Then allow sufficient time  for the reel and spool  to get dried up. As fly fishing reel has been built to precise tolerances, washing  the spool off after several outings in salt water is a must. You need to apply a light coat of oil to the center hub.

Nautilus CCF Fly Reel

Amazon sells this product at a rate of $598. The product has got a life time warranty.

Nautilus CCF Fly Reel  will meet your ultimate fly fishing requirements. The price charged for the product is nothing in comparison with the services it will deliver to you. Moreover keep in view the aspect of life time warranty. I strongly recommend the product as a good buying experience.

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