After more than a century of manufacturing equipment for fly fishing, Martin still produces high quality products with enduring value and has brought the best in the angling sport. Martin Multiplier fly reel is no exception as it brings quality and speed in angling sport. The product has delivered for years and is still the most trusted fly reel.

The product can balance the leverage and weight of the fly rod when cast or even with an already caught running fish and never losses its balance. It can store backing and line easily and provide the smoothest drag against a running caught fish. The product can be switched easily from the right hand to the left when the user becomes tired. The product is easy to use and with outstanding qualities and capacity making fishing sport easy and fun for both the experienced and beginners.

The Multiplier has the fastest line retrieval system; it has an added gear ratio of 3:1 making it possible to retrieve two times of the line back to the aluminum spool with a single handle turn. This makes it the best and most efficient fly reel to use as you will always be with the most favored in an angling competition.

The 725RBX multiplier model has a reel weight of 10.4 oz with a line weight of 20lb and 8/100 yards backing. This product is available at a reasonable price and is an excellent addition to complete the outfit for fly fishing.

Martin Multiplier Fly Reel Features

• The fly reel has a floating circular drag-disk.

• The gear and back casing are made using a strong aluminum alloy.

• The product has a left and right adjustable retrieve,

• When dealing with the large fishes, this fly reel uses the compression drag system.

• It has a High speed retrieval gear system.

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