Mountain Brook Large Arbor

Martins are one of the oldest and progressing producers of fly-fishing equipment. They have been continually innovating and presenting new ideas in fly-fishing sport for all types of anglers. They are in this field since 1884. Martin fly reels are identifiable for their durability, reliability, craftsmanship, excellent performance and real worth for the price.

It is know that the large arbors fly reels provide higher retrieve rates, a less line memory as well as a better fighting control for any experienced fly angler. Martin's Mountain Brook Large Arbor Series brings you the complete top quality fly reels in this category.

Mountain Brook Large Arbor fly reel features an adjustable type full compression disk drag system with an exposed-rim-type counter-balanced spool. A palm ring offers a better disc drag. It can be switched for right or left-handed use. This fly reel has a large arbor. The reel comes with a black non-glare finish. It consists of a die-cast lightweight and precision-machined aluminum frame.

This reel is the most suitable for larger applications where a better fighting control is needed with a less line retrieval. These reels are available in three sizes with different spools.The product is unbelievable priced around $30, that makes Martin's new large-arbor reels the least expensive and full-featured fly reels. These three models are more than ample for trout, or bass fish.

For the perfect fly-fishing, you must try the Martin Mountain Large Arbor Fly Reel Combination. This combination is available with a customized graphite multi-piece rod and an assortment of flies.
Moutain Brook Large Arbor

Specifications for Martin’s large arbor fly reels:

MBLA 3/4 100 Yds. 20# backing; 30 yds. WF4F 6.5 oz.
MBLA 5/6 100 Yds. 20# backing; 30 yds. WF6F 7.3 oz.
MBLA 7/8 175 Yds. 20# backing; 30 yds. WF8F 8.0 oz.