Mountain Brook

Martins are the oldest producers of fly reels in the USA since 1884 and they have been popular in fly fishing line by providing the fishing equipment to thousands of anglers. They offer a  range of classic reels, fishing rods and prepackaged quality kits at  affordable prices. A large number of practical fly anglers prefer Martin Mountain Brook Fly Reels, because no  other fly reels have an outstanding value like them. The Martin Brooke Reels have become the hallmark over the years.


These fly reels  have better retrieve rates and an improved control that suits any experienced fly angler.  They have an adjustable drag system with a new high precision compression disk and an exposed-rim type spool.  A palm ring helps  better control. It is possible to switch it over for right or left hand use. It has a die-cast lightweight  aluminum frame.

The reels are also available as a complete  kit that  included flies. The prepackaged combos can make it easier to select the suitable equipment for starting up and that will do away with any guesswork, which may be overwhelming for a new angler. The MRT56TK complete kit comprises of a single-action  aluminum lightweight  fly reel, which is  pre-loaded with its backing, line and the  leader. The kit also has 8 ft. 3-piece 5/6-weight rod, a  fly assortment and an instructions booklet.

These are nice fly reels and the most suitable for the beginners and average experienced anglers. Moreover, they come  at inexpensive prices. They are durable and they can take more abuse for a longer time than any expensive reels and perform perfectly.

Mountain Brook Fly Reels Specifications :

MODEL         LINE CAPACITY                         WEIGHT
MB34FP        75 Yds. 20# backing;  30 yds.   WF4F   4.6 oz.
MB56FP      100 Yds. 20# backing;  30 yds.   WF6F   5.5 oz.
MB78FP      175 Yds. 20# backing;  30 yds.   WF8F  6.1 oz.

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Mountain Brook Fly Reel