Mohawk River

Mohawk River Fly Reel or MR34 offers good quality fishing gear for first time and experienced fly fishermen at affordable prices.   It assures the user impressive performance and high quality. It has fully machined frame and spool and has perforations for reduced weight. The system is a single caliper disk and retract/drag clicker. A reel bag is provided for protection from scratch when traveling or during storage. Overall, MR34 indicates good craftsmanship.

With every pull, the fly line comes off consistently and smoothly.  Casting is not a problem for the angler with the rod efficiently drawing the line from the reel.  To switch from one spool to another is done by just a push of the switch, releasing the spool from the frame with the use of only one hand.

An external knob makes incremental adjustments hassle-free with its single caliper drag system.  A control knob ensures the even flow of the line in a smooth and even manner. A light setting is available as choice when the angler is not out there to muscle a fish.

During retrieving, accuracy and balance is made possible by the uniform and balance frame and spool. They don’t wobble. Each retrieve can be set to a left or right hand-retrieve. This makes for versatility which the fly fisherman need.  The instructions are simple and easy to follow for the user.

Fly fishing equipment can be very expensive, but with the Mohawk River Fly Gear, this is no longer the case. There are many other choices out there in the market. But, why would you waste money on costly gears when you can have the MR34? Affordable and reliable in performance assured. Experience or inexperienced fly fishermen will get their money’s worth every time and have a great time, too. As you can see choosing Mohawk River Fly Reel is a great choice for any passionate fisherman.

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