Caddis creek fly reel is a simple and affordable fly reel designed for everyone. Caddis creek has the capability to catch and deal with the most stubborn and biggest fish with ease. This is not easy to beat fly reed as it is designed for both sporting purposes and normal fishing use. This fly reed is the best for the fly angler beginners especially children as it is easy to use and handle. The best fly reel for individuals fishing on a low budget. Do not allow the affordable price to trick you as this fly reed is strong and can with stand high pressure and not get damaged.

Product features:

• The fly reel has a reinforced aluminum frame which is perforated.

• The product has a Metal click control with an on/off switch.

• The aluminum spool is light in weight.

• The drag system is rim controlled.

• The product has a Left and right retrieve

Caddis Creek Fly Reel Models

The caddis creek has different models for fishing in larger lakes and rivers and small ponds. These models differ in weight, and yard line capacity so make sure you purchase the fly creek to fit your needs. These models include:

1. CC61 model: is the lightest of all models and weighs 3.1oz, it has a yard line capacity of 50 yards 20# backing with a 30 yards WF4F fly line.

2. CC65 model has a 50 yard 20# backing line with a 30 yards WF6F fly and weighs 3.5 oz.

3. Cc68 model is the heaviest of the three and has a 200yard 20# backing with 30 yards WF8F fly line and weighs 4.4 oz.

4. Some type of CC68 model lack backing like the caddis creek fly combo 7/8 Reel/9 fly rod. This model is a single-action 9 feet’s fly reel. It has two piece rod and a cork gripping line.

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Caddis Creek Reel