Lamson Velocity

Lamson Velocity Reel is the reel of a lifetime. This reel works like a charm every time you head down to the fishing pond. It holds more fishing line than most fishing reels and it makes casting out and reeling in a breeze. The Lamson Velocity Reel is the next big thing in the fishing world.

With this fishing reel there is no reason to worry about not having enough fishing twine on your pole or having to strain to reel in a giant fish. Why not, you ask? The simple answer to that is because the Lamson Velocity Fly Fishing Reel holds more fishing twine and it makes reeling fish in as easy as one, two, and three. Step one you get a fish on the line. Step two you slowly wind the handle on your reel back. Step three you pull that fish out of the water. But if it is so easy, why this specific reel?

Easy, because when it comes to other fishing reels you have to keep putting more line on. Who want to stop in the middle of the pond or lake just to put more line on their fishing pole? But if that is not enough reason for a fisherman to want this brand of reel, there is more.

The Lamson Velocity Reel is made to be easy to handle, easy to use, and all this will make a fishing trip more enjoyable. Now the only question left to ask is, why are you waiting to get one of this fishing reels for yourself?

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Lamson Velocity Fly Reel

MODEL          DIA     WIDTH     WEIGHT       ROD     WT         LINE           CAPACITY

VELOCITY   4            4.25"       1.50"           7.10 oz   10,11     WF10     250 yds 30#
VELOCITY   3.5X     3.85"       1.38"           5.90 oz   9              WF9        250 yds 30#
VELOCITY   3.5        3.85"       1.38"           5.90 oz   8,9          WF9        200 yds 20#
VELOCITY   3X         3.63"       1.25"           5.10 oz   8              WF8        225 yds 20#
VELOCITY   3            3.63"       1.25"           5.10 oz   7,8          WF7       150 yds 20#
VELOCITY   2            3.30"       1.10"          4.20 oz   5,6           WF6        100 yds 20#
VELOCITY   1.5        3.15"        1.10"          4.00 oz   3,4,5      WF4        100 yds 20#
VELOCITY   1            3.15"        1.10           4.00 oz   1,2,3       WF3        75 yds 12#