Lamson ULA Force Saltwater/Spey

There are few pastimes that are more endearing to the average American male than a weekend getaway to go fishing with a friend or a family member. There is no better feeling than being out in nature as you cast your line in the water with the anticipation of hooking a Salmon, Trout or Tarpon.

And when you’re ready to land that fish, the reel that you’re using can make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting your fish into your boat, so you want a reel that delivers the goods and that reel is the Lamson ULA Force Spey Saltwater.

Lamson has an excellent line of fishing reels, and the Lamson ULA Force Saltwater/Spey Saltwater reel is an excellent performer that is an appropriate choice for many outdoor fishing situations. The Force Spey Saltwater reel works well in the small river or your local nearby lake. This reel can help you draw the line back into the reel at a rate of almost a foot of line per revolution of the reel. This is made possible due to the size of this reel. Its diameter ranges from 3.75” to a whopping 4.75 diameter reel.

What makes this reel an excellent value for the dollar are things such as the finish which the company calls a hard alox, a large amount of storage of fishing line due to the diameter of the reel, and a drag system that is based on a pair of conical elements that are precisely matched and when the two elements are drawn into contact, provide different ratios of level revolving braking or slow-down.

So the next time that you’re out on the water, and your casting your line into the water, make sure that your using the Lamson ULA Force Saltwater/Spey for that added advantage, because for you, fishing is all about the thrill of the catch.

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Lamson ULa Force

Specifications ULA Force Saltwater/Spey

MODEL            DIA     WIDTH     WEIGHT     ROD WT             LINE            CAPACITY

ULA FORCE    4            4.75"         1.50"        10.40 oz           11,12          WF12               300 yds 30#
ULA FORCE    4            4.75"         1.50"        10.40 oz         10,11,12     Windcutter     200 yds 30#
ULA FORCE   3.5         4.25"         1.50"         8.40 oz           8,9,10         Windcutter     200 yds 20#
ULA FORCE   3.5         4.25"         1.50"         8.40 oz            9,10            WF 10              250 yds 20#
ULA FORCE   3.4         4.00"        1.50"         8.00 oz            8,9               WF 9                220 yds 20#
ULA FORCE   3.3         3.75"        1.50"          6.80 oz            8                   WF 8                 200 yds 20#