The Lamson Radius FlyReel

Lamson has come out with a new reel that may get the attention of many of the more serious fly fishers out there. They have created a new model called the radius reel that they carry which is much more efficient at reeling prize catches in, much more durable for the long fishing season to come, and it carries a much lighter weight being built with Teflon impregnated metallic surfaces and polymer alloys.
The Lamson Radius reel is designed for more of a novice fly fisher that is serious about their equipment. The main goal for designing this reel is to give the consumer much more bang for their buck. Resulting in this goal the radius reel was born and preforms like some of the best reels in the market but still saves you from emptying your wallet to get a great reel that would last you for a long time. It's well known smooth conical drag system is what has made the Lamson Radius reel so popular with fly fishing nowadays.
This well-built reel may be on the smaller size but will not disappoint when aiming to catch larger double digit bone fish. Everybody wants a high quality reel that will be able to muscle through the big catches but also not be considered overkill for smaller game. So if you do not want to fork out a large sum of money but still want a sturdy, reliable, high quality reel the Lamson Radius Fly Reel is the right choice for you.

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Lamson Radius

Specifications on the Lamson Radius Fly Reel

Model              Diameter      Width       Weight     Rod Wt.    Line        Capacity

RADIUS          4 3.75"        1.30"     6.70 oz     10,11       WF10   250 yds 30#
RADIUS          3.5 3.50"   1.20"     5.8 oz         8,9          WF9     200 yds 20#
RADIUS          3 3.17"         1.05"     5.0 oz        7,8          WF7     150 yds 20#
RADIUS 2      3.00"           1.05"     4.7 oz        5,6            WF6    100 yds 20#
RADIUS 1.5   2.85"           1.00"     4.5 oz        4,5           WF4     100 yds 20#