Lamson ULA Purist

The Lamson ULA Purist Fishing Reel is about the best fishing reel a fisherman could get. This is simply because it works great, holds a lot of line, and makes reeling in those fish an easy task.

Holding onto that old fishing reel you have right now may be a big mistake because after using the Lamson ULA Purist Fishing Reel just one times any fisherman would understand why. These reels are the top reels if you plan on reeling in any type of fish. Made tough so it does not snap out of place as the fish is being reeled in. Made to last so that there is no reason to go around looking for hundreds of extra fishing reels. But the bonus is that the Lamson ULA will not weigh down your fishing pole as you set out on the bank.

Being a light weight reel makes the Lamson ULA an exceptional fishing reel because when the reel is heavy, the fisherman has more weight to deal with. No fisherman want to sit out on the shore holding onto a thirty pound fishing pole, especially if all that weight is there because of the fishing reel. Instead the fishermen can now set beside the bank and relax knowing that they do not need to worry about aching muscles the next day and they are still just as capable of getting that big catfish up in their hands.

Putting off getting your very own Lamson ULA Purist Fly Reel is a waste of time simply because getting a better fishing reel than this is highly unlikely.

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Lamson ULA Purist

Specifications On Lamsons ULA Purist

MODEL      DIA     WIDTH     WEIGHT     ROD        WT   LINE      CAPACITY

ULA PURIST 2     3.25"     1.15"     2.90 oz   4,5     WF 4     75 yds 20#
ULA PURIST 1     3.00"     1.10"     2.70 oz  2,3,4     WF 3     75 yds 12#