Lamson Litespeed

With its lightweight large arbor design and scratch proof "Hard Alox" finish, the Lamson Litespeed Reel can take all that mother nature can dish out and much more. Beauty and functionality are combined to create a far superior reel to that of its predecessors; in addition, its solid aluminum alloy construction, make for a corrosion resistant, super lightweight angling tool.

Unlike titanium framed models, the Lamson Litespeed's body is constructed of bar stock aluminum, and designed with large port holes, greatly reducing the reel's weight without compromising functionality –adding to the dramatic look of this reel. The zero lash clutch terminates the feel of "spikes" that one might find with a traditional pawl clutch, while greatly reducing the risk of damage to the reel; in addition, the conical drag feature on the Reel, increase the torque of this tool, allowing for more control. With these features, highly durable "Hard Alox" finishes and low cost, the Lamson Litespeed Reel is a highly efficient –easy to use– reel for any angler. And to those die hard Lamson customers, Waterworks-Lamson paid homage to the reel's ancestors by outfitting it newest addition with interchangeable frames and spools.

This American made Reel has proven to be invaluable to those who own it. The various selections of sizes and the overall design of the reel, set the standard for reels in its price range. Although its sleek design, the Lamson Litespeed Reel holds its own against the elements, and has proven to be a not only a powerful tool in the hands of any fly fishing enthusiast, but a "best buy" as well.

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Lamson Lightspeed

Specifications Lamson Litespeed Fly Reel

MODEL             DIA       WIDTH     WEIGHT     ROD WT              LINE                         CAPACITY

LITESPEED      4             4 .50"         1.50"          9.00 oz               10,11       WF10        250 yds
LITESPEED      3.5X      4 .00"         1.38"          5.50 oz                    9           WF9          250 yds
LITESPEED      3.5         4 .00"         1.38"          5.90 oz                  8,9         WF9          200 yds
LITESPEED      3X          3.75"          1.25"          4.90 oz                   8            WF8          225 yds
LITESPEED      3             3.75"          1.25"          5.10 oz                6,7,8       WF7          150 yds
LITESPEED      2             3.50"          1.10"          3.80 oz                4,5,6       WF6          100 yds
LITESPEED      1.5         3.25"           1.10"          3.50 oz                3,4,5       WF 4         100 yds
LITESPEED       1            3.00"          1.10"          3.20 oz                1,2,3        WF3            75 yds



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