Lamson Konic

The Lamson Konic fly reel was manufactured by machining and dies casting the parts; that attributes greatly to the quality of the reel. It demonstrates nearly the same performance of high-priced reels, all at a fraction of the price.

The Lamson Konic fly reel comes with the no-maintenance Waterworks, a completely sealed conical drag that has all machined components. It's the very same drag system that Lamson fly reels' have, which cost upwards of $400. Dissimilar from the usual drag systems, that employ two flat surfaces to be used for braking control, it uses two conical elements that are coupled together for an exact fit. The system entirely seals the drag to prevent moisture, grit, and salt from ruining your day. As you adjust the drag, spring tension forces the two elements in concert. This makes for variable grades of ultra-smooth braking. The bulk of the elements are centered, so the reel responds well to your settings for the drag. The radius for the surfaces that contact is a lot less than the traditional disk-shape's drag. This eliminates the torque that you have at the start.

The frame and spool were pressure cast then machine-finished. The coating that was applied repels dings, but does scratch. The drag is fantastic on any setting, and smoother than a baby's bottom. It is so great that the completely sealed conical drag system is included, it has optimal performance. Truly, this is a reel that is worth the buck, if you don't mind that it looks a bit used.

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Konic Fly Reel

Specifications For Lamson Konic Fly Reel

MODEL  DIA       WIDTH      WEIGHT     CAPACITY            ROD WT     LINE
KONIC  4              3.90"            1.25"         WF 10 240 yds      6.80 oz       9,10
KONIC  3.5          3.70"            1.22"         WF 8  200 yds       6.10 oz       7,8
KONIC  2              3.40"            1.10"         WF 6  100 yds        4.70 oz       5,6
KONIC  1.5          3.10"             1.00"        WF 4  100 yds        4.40 oz       3,4


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Presenting the brand new Lamson Konic

The objective is simply to deliver the finest engineering in fly fishing reels for every particular price level. They've currently tackled the crucial $100+ price position with Lamson Konic Fly Reel. Be sure to continue reading to uncover the reason the Lamson Konic is a superior fly fishing reel as compared to every other equally listed option.

While developing the Konic Fly Reel, Lamson began utilizing a single specific: to provide the identical entirely sealed conical drag system and stainless steel roller clutch utilized in their high-end fly reels. The drag system in Konic reel employs the exact totally machined parts, created from the identical components, as well as the identical technical specs, as a drag system employed in the $400+ Lamson-Waterworks fly reels or alternatively any one of their various other high-end fly reels. It is the primary advantage of the Konic Fly Reel compared to competitive fly reels. How many other $100+ reel can claim that it offers verified drag systems with a $400+ fly reel?