The Lamson Guru Reel: A Budget Friendly Reel For The Serious Fly Fisher
Fly fishing reels are not all created equal. Certain brands outperform others; unfortunately they often come with a hefty price tag. On occasion you come across a dependable, sturdy reel that performs as well as its expensive reel minus the high cost. For the avid sportsman on a budget the Lamson Guru reel may be the ideal choice.

Along with its superb drag design, Lamson fly reels have a unique arm-style element and improved open spokes which offers the fisherman enhanced structural strength and control. This quality minimizes the weight of the fish as you reel it in while restraining the line with ease. It is a pleasure to use. The reel has a clear type 2 anodize finish which proves that quality does not always go hand in hand with expense.

The Lamson Reel contains large arbor ratios that are up to par with its costlier counterparts. It comes in four weights up to ten weights allowing you to match the reel to the targeted fish. Whether it is pike, salmon, or trout the Lamson is a great tool that will live up to all your expectations. Few reels in this price range can compete with the Lamson maneuverability and receptiveness.

Affordable pricing combined with a solid reputation make the Lamson Guru reel an affordable option for the serious sport man on a budget. Check on here for our daily specials.

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Lamson Guru

Specifications Lamson Guru Fly Reel
GURU 4        4.25"    1.50"    7.30 oz           10,11       WF10     250 yds 30#
GURU 3.5    3.75"    1.38"    6.20 oz             8,9          WF9        200 yds 20#
GURU 3        3.63"    1.25"    5.50 oz             7,8          WF7       150 yds 20#
GURU 2        3.30"    1.10"    4.90 oz            5,6           WF6       100 yds 20#
GURU 1.5    3.15"    1.10"    4.70 oz           3,4,5         WF4       100 yds 20#



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