Lamson ULA Force SL

The Lamson ULA Force SL is what people from my hometown like to call, ‘The BEST fishing pole around’, that is other than these Fly Reels. These fishing poles have helped my father and I catch more fish and give us more excuses to escape the day and journey into peace.

I like that I finally get the chance to fish like a maniac and have no problems doing it all day long. Being able to snatch up my fishing pole, jump in the truck, and head on out is something that keeps me from going crazy.
The best part is that the Lamson ULA Force SL and the Fly Reels are easy for the whole family to use. This means no more nagging because the wife is not strong enough to pick up the pole. It is just as easy for the wife and kids to grab up a pole and hit the fishing hole. For me, the fact that the nagging about the fishing is over and the peace I get from fishing is all I need to love my ULA Force SL.

Speaking from my personal experience, men can seriously save themselves some nagging. No woman wants to be left behind or feel like their man does not want to spend quality time. Now you can spend time with the wife and not even have to hear a peep. Just get a couple Lamson ULA Force SL’s and some their Fly Reels and head on down to that fishing hole you love.


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Lamson Force SL

Specifications for Lamson ULA Force SL

MODEL             DIA     WIDTH     WEIGHT     ROD       WT      LINE       CAPACITY

ULA FORCE  3X SL     3.50"        1.25"        3.25 oz     7,8        WF 8      150 yds 20#
ULA FORCE  3 SL        3.50"        1.25"        3.35 oz     5,6.7     WF 7     100 yds 20#
ULA FORCE  2X SL     3.25"        1.15"        2.90 oz     5,6         WF 6       100 yds 20#
ULA FORCE  2 SL        3.25"        1.15"        2.95 oz     4,5         WF 4       75 yds 20#