1 Plus

Hatch offers the best fly fishing reels manufactured in the USA. These are lightweight high quality reels having precision.

Hatch 1 plus Fly Reel Fanatic is available in mid arbor only. This reel looks like a key chain and used to fish with 0 to 2 weight rods. Hatch reels are internally almost the same except the drag surface increases with the size. These are very simple to use. They have a multi disk stack drag system composed of stainless steel and Rulon. Its drag system is completely sealed and it is maintenance free.The spool can be easily removed.

This 1+ reel can be used two lines up for 3 Plus capability. It is most suitable for trout fishing

These reels are provided with Type 2 anodizing finish. They come in four color combinations: Black/Silver, Silver/Forest Green, Silver/Ocean and Blue Silver/Bordeaux Red.

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Hatch 1 Plus

Hatch1 plus Fly Reel Specifications:

Line     Dia      Width       Weight                            Backing capacity
0-2       2.9       0.85           2.8                  20# Dacron (MA Spool: WF0F-80, WF1F-70,                                                                                                                             WF2F-60, WF3F-50)