4 Plus

Hatch 4 Plus

Hatch reels are the premium reels in the market. Hatch 4 plus Fly Reel is one of the latest reel introduced in 2011. It is a Monsoon model fly fishing reel also made in high quality with precision machined frame and is lightweight. You can use it two lines up from its designated weights.

It also comes with both mid-arbor as wells as large-arbor spool. The reel is very simple and easier to use for a variety of fishing. You can get extra spools and equip it as a new tool to fish anywhere. The fishing tool by a flip over to a different line weight and additional extra spool is more beneficial.

The drag has a multidisc cassette made of stainless steel and Rulon. It is water-resistant, self-lubricating and maintenance-free drag.

These reels have Type 2 anodized finish in silver/ red trim, silver/ green, silver/ blue trim and black/silver color combinations.

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Hatch 4 Plus

Specifications of Hatch 4 Plus Fly Reel:

Line                 Dia          Width       Weight                      Backing capacity
4-6                 3.425       0.90           5.2                   20# Dacron (LA Spool: WF5F-100, WF6F-80)
(MA Spool: WF5F-150, WF6F-130)