3 Plus

Hatch 3 Plus Fly Reel is a perfect trout reel for you; It is exclusively designed for use with 3 and 5 line weight lines. It is a large arbor reel that delivers unparalleled performance and has high durability. The reel has high quality and light-weight. You have also the option of buying a mid-arbor spool for more backing capacity for heavier line weights. It has a most effective drag system. The drag discs are made of a combination of stainless steel and Rulon and placed in a stacked setting. They have the most effective braking surface and a smoother and durable drag without any significant start up inertia.
These reels have Typhoon or Monsoon body style. Hatch 3 Plus Fly Reels are available in a variety of colors: silver with green, silver with red trim, silver with blue trim and black with silver trim in Type II anodized finish.

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Hatch 3 Plus


Line           Dia      Width     Weight                 Backing capacity
3-5            3.25      0.8250    4.8           20# Dacron (LA Spool: WF3F-120,   W4F-100,                                                                                     WF5F-80 )  (MA Spool: WF4F-130, WF5F-115)