Hatch launched their first fly reels in 2005. Hatch produces the best fly reels in the market. These reels are manufactured in the USA.

Hatch Fly reels are made in high quality with precision machining and are lightweight. Their reels are available up to 12 plus sizes.  All their models now come with both a mid-arbor as wells as a large-arbor spool except smallest size and they are interchangeable. They have made it very simple to use them for a variety  of fishing. You can buy extra spools  and you have a new tool equipped to fish anywhere.  It is really a valuable addition to your fishing tool by flipping over to a different line weight with an extra spool.

Hatch reels are the premium reels in the market. There are two models offered in different sizes. All Hatch reels are actually internally almost the same except the increased drag surface that varies with the increase in the size. The fly reels in size 3+, 5+, and 7+ are offered in the Monsoon style. The 9+ and 12+ sizes are available in Pulse model and have a little different  design of frame to make them more durable.

In a normal drag system, the metal surfaces meet each other. Hatch has invented a multi disk stack instead of using the normal drag system. Their drag system is composed of stainless steel and Rulon. The stack type drag system offers a larger surface area that helps softer start-up and prevents the sticking with minimum friction. Moreover, the Hatch drag system is a self-lubricating type. The drag system is sealed and it is practically maintenance free.

The spool is easily removable. The reel-foot is machined into its frame and looks excellent. They do not use any screws or adhesive to fix reel-foot on the frame. You can use a particular model at least two lines up from its designated weights. The Hatch Fly reels are built to be most durable. The latest models are 4+ and 11+ introduced in 2011.

Allthe reels are Type 2 anodized. They are available in a variety of color combinations: silver with red trim, silver with green, silver with blue trim, and black with silver trim and silver with black trim.

Model        Line Wts.              Dia. in.              Width in.            Weight OZ.        Backing capacity
1+                     0-2                      2.9                        0.85                         2.8               20# Dacron
(MA Spool: WF0F-80, WF1F-70, WF2F-60, WF3F-50)
3 +                   3-5                       3.25                     0.8250                    4.8                20# Dacron
(LA Spool: WF3F-120, Wf4F-100, WF5F-80 ) (MA Spool: WF4F-130, WF5F-115)
4 +                   4-6                       3.425                      0.90                        5.2              20# Dacron                               (LA Spool: WF5F-100, WF6F-80)               (MA Spool: WF5F-150, WF6F-130)
5 +                   5-7                 3.625                  0.9375                   6.5                        20# Dacron          (LA Spool: WF5F-130, WF6F-110, WF7F-90)     (MA Spool: WF5F-160, WF6F-140, WF7F-120)
7+                   7-9                     4.0                   1.125                        8.6                            20#  Dacron Dacron                            (LA Spool: WF7F-220, WF8F-200, WF9F-180)    (MA Spool: WF7F-250, WF8F-230, WF9F-210)
30# Gel Spun (LA Spool: WF7F-385, WF6F-350, WF7F-315)    (MA Spool: WF7F-440, WF8F-405, WF9F-370)
9 +                9-12                         4.25                              1.375                  10.6             30# Dacron
(LA Spool: WF9F-300, WF10F-250, WF11F-200, WF12F-175)
(MA Spool: WF9F-425, WF10F-400, WF11F-375, WF12F-350)                      50#Dacron
(LA Spool: WF9F-525, WF10F-435, WF11F-350,  WF12F-315)
(MA Spool: WF10F-700, WF11F-650, WF12F-610)
11+                  11-12                  4.625                              1.5                         11.1               30# Dacron
(LA Spool: WF11F-250, WF12F-230)  (MA Spool: WF11F-425, WF12F-400)
50# Gel Spun
(LA Spool: WF11F-400, WF12F-350)  (MA Spool: WF11F-700, WF12F-660)
12+                    12-16                    5.000                      1.6875                  15.6         55# Diawa Saltiga Boat Braid (.014”/.36mm Diameter)                                        (LA Spool: WF12F-450) (MA Spool: WF12F-1000)

You can get many  Hatch Fly reels on sale on eBay and many other fishing equipment sites. Due to a wide range of the fly reels, many anglers sell their reels to upgrade with the higher capacity or new models. The online stores also offer Hatch fly reels for sale to clear their stocks. If you are interested in cheap prices, you can look for the offers at such sites.