St. George Trout

If you are in the market for a fishing reel, then the Hardy St George Trout Reels are the best ones for you. The Hardy St George Trout Reels are elegantly etched in history because the reels are named after the patron St George. Just that alone should tell you that the Hardy St George Trout reels are in a class all by itself. With its elegant handling and top of the line construction, it is the best investment that cannot be topped by any other reel.

With any sport or recreation it really pays to have the best. These reels are made in Alnwick, England, All models available in left or right hand wind; it is Available in two finishes, black and spitfire-grey. The anodized 6061 bar stock is made of aluminum construction. These features show the pride and craftsmanship that goes into these reels. The fine craftsmanship shows pride and love for fishing. It takes a fisherman to make the right fishing tools.

With Trout being the catch of the day, the key to anything is having the right tools for the right job. The St George Trout Reels are specifically made for fishing with a purpose. There has never been, and never will be any fishing reel made with the class and precision of the St George trout reels. If you want to make the grade then it pays to get the name, No other reel will ever meet the quality of the St George trout Reel.

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St. George Trout Reel