St. George Hotspur

Some of the finest reels for fishing you will find are Hardy St George Hotspur Salmon Reels. Produced for seventy years, the Hardy St George Hotspur Salmon Reels has etched its legacy in port and leisure of fishing. It takes quality and reliability to last this long in such a competitive business. These beyond a doubt quality reels have lasted longer than most and provide a quality unlike any reel in its class.

As far as fishing reels go, the fine quality of the Hardy Salmon Reels is legendary. Fabricated with anodized, bar stock aluminum with a corrosive and scratch resistant finish which maintains its first day purchased shine makes the Hardy Salmon Reels truly a treasure for fisherman/ The solid construction can stand up to most fishing encounters. The line weight can be denser based on the construction of the reel.

Innovation surrounds this reel though refined and circular line guards. The twin handle snug’s the fishing line between the reels without drag or friction build-up. The smooth cast is complimented by the level retrieval system that is certain to maintain the catch and carry it quickly to shore.

The reinforced build of the Hardy Salmon Reels guarantees longevity but the lightweight construction promises a steady hand by the fisherman. The overall design is outstanding, the construction is unsurpassed and the reliability is online any fishing reel before or since. This is truly a masterpiece.
St. George Trout Reel
The attractiveness of this the Hardy Salmon Reels is only matched by its persistence and usability for all levels of fishing in most every scenario.

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