Perfect Salmon

In December 1880, Foster Hardy designed the Hardy Perfect Salmon Reels. Anglers believe the Hardy Salmon Reels are the best in the world. Since they were produced in 1888, they became a collector’s item. With the ivorine type handle, the revolving line guard, the 18 stainless steel ball bearing race, and the bar stock aluminum construction, these hardy perfect salmon reels last a long time.

Produced in the Alnwick factory in England, Charlie Norris is the Hardy Perfect reels designer. Salmon are a very popular kind of fish for fishing and eating. They put up a good fight so you need a strong reel. You do not want to let it get away. Salmon live in saltwater and freshwater. The most popular is the saltwater excursion. The hardy perfect reels are usually handed down from generation as heirlooms. They hold such a high resale value.

Hardy makes a durable bag to store your reels and other tackle, which is made from leather with brass fittings and buckles. It’s a must have for the avid angler. The 2010 salmon perfect reel was designed from all different other designs from the years. This makes it the best salmon reel yet. Made in different sizes, it pleased all the anglers. They do not wear out. You can purchase one from fifty years ago and fish with it for years and also pass it down to your heirs. If any of the parts wear out, you can still purchase the parts from hardy. Hardy reels are in museums today. Be sure to check them out.

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Hardy Perfect Salmon Reel
Spool width - 1 11/32"
Reel diameter - 4" and 41/4"
18 steel ball bearing race
Revolving line guide