Hardy Performance

Hardy Performance fly reels offer unmatched performance and durability to the avid fisherman. These time-tested reels are made from the best material in the industry and are created to last through even the most intense fishing experiences. These reels look great and perform just as well and are offered in a variety of types and sizes to match any fisherman's needs.

The Hardy Zane Ti reel is one of the strongest of the Hardy Performance fly reels. This hand-finished titanium forged reel is designed to withstand the harshest fishing conditions including saltwater and large fish applications. The use of titanium in this reel makes it strong but lightweight and offers incredible comfort and flawless function.

Hardy fly reels also offer the exceptional line of Angel 2 Reels. These reels are lightweight but strong enough for salmon fishing and are made in a variety of sizes to suit different fishing needs. The smallest of these reels is 23 weights which is perfect for small streams and shallow rivers. These reels are created up to 1112 weight which can handle the strongest currents and liveliest fish. Each of these reels comes with a hard-anodized finish for great durability.

Hardy Swift MKII Reels are redesigned to be stronger than their predecessors, and are chosen by professional fishermen all over the country. With weight options from 3 to 10, this aluminum reel is lightweight and durable. With an extremely sensitive clutch, this is the reel of choice when it comes to hooking and keeping even the cleverest fish. The MKII offers easy left to right conversion making it great for changing wind conditions.

For the sea-fishing adventurer the Zane Saltwater reel offers unmatched performance and durability. The strength of this reel is only rivaled by its light weight, and is equal to the task of the largest saltwater fish. The Zane saltwater reel is easy to clean with its open drag system and is easy to control.

Hardy Performance fly reels are great for a range of fishing opportunities. The most versatile of these reels is the Demon reel line with its easy to change spools. These reels also provide easy to change left to right conversion as well as a touch button spool release. Anglers can feel confident in any fishing conditions with Demon Reel. Line can be changed quickly with the touch button spool release allowing the angler to use the precise line for every fishing condition.

Hardy Fly reels offer the most advanced technology in the industry and are available for every fishing application.

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