The history of the House of Hardy, now called Hardy’s & Grey Ltd. began in 1872 when William Hardy and his brother, John James, formed a partnership. At first they produced guns. However their love of fishing resulted in a change. Replacing gun making with fly fishing reels. The name Hardy Classic fly fishing reels speaks of quality and excellent craftsmanship. Based in Alnick England, with a location in America, Hardy still uses the highest quality and up to the minute technology in their reels and accessories. Qualities like the finishes that seemed to get better with using. Sometimes fishermen today are not aware that they could be using a Hardy Classic fly reel since some of them are being sold under another name. Like the Orvis CFO. Here are a few others that bring prestige to the Hardy Classic fly reels line.

The Bougle, later named the Mark VII, came on the scene before World War I at the request of French tournament caster Louis Bougle in the early 1900’s. Some of its features were raised crossbars with a line roller. Today the Mark VII is made from bar stock aluminum with an aluminum spindle and a ventilated spool. It is considered a lightweight reel ranging from 3 11/16oz for a 3weight reel, to 9oz for the sprey 10 weight reel.

Another Hardy Classic fly reel is the Cascapedia Mk III. This Hardy fly reel bears a striking resemblance to the original design of the 1930’s. It has a solid front with 3 metal badges and it comes in a variety of weights and prices.
The Marquis Reel another member of Hardy Classic fly reel series was discontinued but constant request brought it back. Patterned after the original there are a few changes. It’s now manufactured from High grade aluminum. The frame and spools are fully compatible with the original and it has polished silver rims in 3 different sizes.

The lightweight reels come in 4 models. The Featherweight, Flyweight, LRH weight and the Princess reel. They have simple looks and design. They’re durable and reliable. They work whenever you need them to. These lightweight reels have precision click and check and high aluminum construction that has been anodizes with a protective coating.
The Hardy Classic Fly Reels continue to carry on the legacy in workmanship started from the passion of two brothers and their love of fly fishing.

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