Cascapedia MkIII

The new Hardy Cascapedia MkIII fly fishing reel is an updated version of the classic and world renowned collection of Hardy fly reels. This reel retains the look and feel of other Hardy fly reels, but is updated with new features that make it a perfect match for a modern rod. The Hardy Cascapedia MkIII is a competent version of Hardy's classics.

The Cascapedia MkIII comes in four different sizes, two being for trout and two geared towards salmon and steelhead. The two smaller versions offer a wide ranging click check, while the larger two feature powerful disc drags that are capable of handling huge salmon or steelhead.

There's no time for a confusing drag system when battling the fish of a lifetime, so the Hardy Cascapedia MkIII has been fitted with a pointer on the drag regulator button for easy reference. Complete with matt black side plates and hand polished rims, the MkIII has a sleek appearance that stands out from other reels. The "S" shaped handle featured on the MkIII is retained and is perhaps the most unique feature of this reel.

The Hardy Cascapedia MkIII is a beautiful reel that balances performance ability with aesthetic perfection. Its modern features blend with the classic Hardy fly reels design in way that make a treasure to own and a pleasure to fish. This series of Hardy Cascapedia MkIII fly reels are a perfect match for any type of rod and can be used with whatever type of line is preferred.

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