Bougle Mk VII

Hardy Bougle Mk VII fly fishing reels stand out from other reels due to their superior strength, smoothness, and lightness. Combining the classic aesthetic beauty of Hardy fly reels with modern technological innovation, the Bougle Mk VII reels are the choice of even the most discerning fisherman for a variety of fishing applications.

The key to the superior strength and lightness of the Bougle Mk VII reels lies in their construction. The ventilated spool lightens up the reel while still providing tremendous strength and durability, not to mention visible appeal. The aluminum spindle is another feature of the Bougle Mk VII that contributes to its less than average weight and superior strength.

Hardy Bougle Mk VII Fly Reel

Being designed after the famous Hardy Perfect, the Bougle is outfitted with ball bearings for unrivaled smoothness and ease of operation. This design also offers greater tippet protection, a must for light tackle applications. Apart from its superior durability and smoothness, the Bougle Mk VII possesses some of the most striking aesthetic features of any of the Hardy fly reels. A stunning anodized aluminum finish and ivorine handle will make this reel stand out in any fisherman's collection while still providing the same level of strength and durability found in the rest of this reel.

The advanced features of the Hardy Bougle Mk VII reels make them excellent choices for fisherman and collectors alike. Few reels are complete with not only such amazing function, strength and lightness, but also a breathtaking appearance that stands out among other fly fishing reels.

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