If you are enthusiastic about fly-fishing, you should consider upgrading to Hardy fly reels. A fishing reel is the part of the rod that controls the fishing line by utilizing an axle-mounted spool. There are three types of Hardy fly reels for sale, each with their own models.

The first type is performance reels; these reels are professional quality and deliver optimum performance. The Zane Ti reel is nearly unbreakable; this is not surprising since Ti stands for titanium. It is corrosion resistant which means it can be safely used in salt water. It features a fully sealed multi-drag system, large central knob, and comes with a leather case. If you like the Zane Ti, then consider investing in the Zane Saltwater Reel. This reel comes in four models, ranging from 6/7 weight number 0 to 10/12 number 3. It is manufactured from aerospace grade aluminum with woven avcab brake pads and an ergonomically-designed handle. The Angel 2 reel improves upon the original Angel model. It has a range from 2/3 weight to 11/12 weight, which is strong enough to take on the largest salmon. With it’s a redesigned check and drag system, this reel is the perfect choice for any freshwater fishing trip.

The Hardy Bros. category was specifically created for reels manufactured in England. The Perfect Trout reel features 15 stainless steel ball-bearings to provide a smooth wind. This reel is available for both left and right handed fishers. It is manufactured of high quality aluminum. For those who prefer salmon, the St George Hotspur Salmon Reels leaves little to be desired. This was a popular model when it was first introduced in 1920 and it is being manufactured again. The reel today is available in mid arbour #9/10 spools as well as standard arbour #11/12 spools, and since the frame is the same, the spools are interchangeable. Hardy first introduced the "Taupe" line in 1958 for that fisherman who wanted to tackle a more impressive catch. The Perfect Taupo reel has been manufactured for the 2011 fishing season; it has the same basic look and measurements of the original, but is now made from solid bar stock aluminum, which has been hard anodized for durability. This reel is perfect for those chasing after such creatures as Switch, Light Spey, Atlantic Salmon, and Steelhead.

Classic Hardy fly reels were designed for those who like to use vintage reels, but also want modern improvements. One the models included in this category is the Bougle Mk VII Reel. This reel is 106 years in the making and features a nickel-silver line guard and high-grade aluminum spool, frame, and plate. Cascapedia MkIII is another classic reel. It consists of a solid front plate with three metal badges. It is available in weights of 2/3/4, 5/6/7, 8/9 and 10/11; it also comes in both trout and salmon models. It provides fishers with the vintage look of the 1930s model with all the modern improvement. Another reel to get all excited about is the Fortuna X Reel, which will be hitting stores in the summer of 2011. Developed with the help of Andy Mill, this top grade 6061 anodized bar stock aluminum reel is capable of 32 pounds of stopping power. It has multiple carbon brake pads and seven point waterproof sealing.