Galvan Torque

If you are a fishing enthusiast and are looking for a Reel that will bring your fishing experience to the top of your game, then the Galvan Torque Fly Reel would be the best option. There are many exciting features that come with this reel that most other reels couldn't even come close to. Many professionals love using this reel when fighting to win that big trophy in those competitive tournaments.

To start off, here are some important and all too exciting features that the Galvan Torque Fly Reel has. This reel has mega torque stopping power and an insane retrieval rate, that both aid you in getting that fish to the boat as quickly as possible, capable of stopping some of the biggest fish out there. 100 percent of this reel was made in America. It also comes in three available sizes such as T-14 which is fast, T-16 which is faster and T-18 which is the fastest. It is also available in a variety of colors such as Clear, Blue and Black. This reel has a bigger handle which allows for a better grip and is interchangeable between the left and right hand.

It is recommended that you keep your reel clean after each use, even though this reel is corrosion resistant and salt is salt water safe, it still needs to be cleaned to keep it working efficiently. It comes apart easily, and never needs to be lubricated because the spool already is. If you want to fish the best, buy the best, go torque.

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