Galvan Rush

If you are a fly fishing pro or if you’re just starting out at fly flashing, you want to have the best available reel available. The Galvan Rush Fly Reels top off your Fly fishing experience, with its high quality and excellent performance. This reel also falls in the inexpensive price range, it is not the cheapest one around, but, it is a lot cheaper than many other reels available. Even though it falls in the mid-range for pricing it still has the best qualities that some of your more expensive reels have. The Galvan Rush Fly Reels are made up of the Trademark Quality that they have always been known for.

The Galvan Rush Fly Reels offer you that state of the art drag system that has an amazingly smooth and extremely durable, thermoplastic drag. You could compare the drag system of these reels to that of the Torque, except it has a more simplified frame as well as spool design and has a little bit more weight. You can purchase this reel in size three weights up to size eight weights, which means you can use this reel for all types of fishing. This reel is currently only available in a Black Finish, but no one really cares about the color, when you are reeling in that big monster of a fish. This reel has the absolute perfect weight that will balance most Sprey Rods and it is has the capability to carry your sprey line and still have plenty of backing that you will need.

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