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Welcome to Fly Reels Sale, here you will find the best deals on all your fly reels and related items that are currently for sale at the worlds leading auction site, eBay. You will find a large selection of fly fishing reels for both freshwater and saltwater gamefish. Lamson, Hardy, Abel, Nautilus, Redington, Ross, Scientific Anglers, Tibor, Sage and more will all be found here. The stock is updated by the minute so check back often it's bound to show up here sooner rather than later. No matter if you are looking to buy it now or Bid on Fly reels you can find the best deals right here. If you are not a registered user at eBay then you will need to click the link to the right and create your account, it's fast, easy and free so what are you waiting for?

In most situations fly fishing reels are different from the regular spinning reel. This is why it is important to look for fly reels that suit your experience level and fly fishing style. If you are just starting fly fishing then it is important to get a reel which you can improve with. As you get more experience you can move on to reels designed for fishing in rough waters. Today there are a number of manufacturers that specialize in making fly reels. The following are some examples.

Tibor is considered to be one of the top fly reel makers. In fact they are the self-proclaimed “finest reel makers in the world”. The reels made from this company can not only boast of high quality but also of fine craftsmanship. Each reel looks like a work of art. They are indeed the Rolls Royce’s of fishing

The next one on the list is Abel. The reels made by Abel hold around 55 world records in the world of fishing. This company is also known for great customer service. Their mission seems to very simple and that is to make the most dependable fishing rods in the industry.

Ross is another quality maker of fly fishing reels. In fact along with Orvis, many fishermen consider these 2 to be the third best after Tibor and Abel. As far as numbers go, both Ross and Orvis make some of the most popular reels in the country today. Both are indeed household names.

Lamson is a company that has been around for a while. This company was originally connected to the cycling industry. Today they make fishing reels for experts and novices alike. Okuma is known to produce some of the best reels for the price. Just because a reel costs a lot it does not automatically mean good quality. Okuma has proven this time and again.

Okuma is also known for making affordable reels for both experienced fishers and beginners. Okuma will give the user good drag free retrievals, which is great when you are fighting a resisting fish. Sage are considered to be the best for bass fly fishing. These are known to be very strong for their size. They also make reels that fit fishing tournament specifications.

This Lamson Fly Reel Video is the first in a series of video on the Lamson fly fishing reels line. I think it is probably the best tool that any manufacture has posted on the net. I created a page with all the video to help you Choose the right Lamson reel.

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Comment from jim
Time January 29, 2011 at 1:07 pm

great post someone on my wave length with so many great fly fishing reels manufacturers out there it is hard to tell the best but i definitely would opt for Tibor fly reel.

Comment from Kirk 45
Time July 27, 2011 at 7:06 pm

Hey thanks for the compliment. I’m still working on the fly fishing reels manufactures, adding weekly and sometimes daily. Its a lot of fun and I hope to turn Fly Reels sale into a top quality fly fishing site.

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