Tibor Fly Reels One Of The Finest

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For more than two decades, Ted Juracsik boasts the reputation as being a master creator of his famous Billy Pate Fly Reels and his most recent innovation, Tibor Fly Reels. Ted prides himself in traditional values plus a excellent organization committed to client satisfaction and support.

Since launched in 1976, Billy Pate Fly Reels have earned a reputation for being incredibly reliable, resilient reels that provide faultless performance while being practically maintenance free.

In 1995, following a couple of years of development and evaluating, Ted launched his new series, Tibor Fly Reels. Merging his extensive expertise with solid input from famous anglers Flip Pallot and Lefty Kreh, Ted has established a new standard in fly reel technology.

Designed and built to withstand the most serious fishing situations and severe elements, Billy Pate and Tibor Fly Reels are certainly the finest fly reels ever constructed. And you can find the best deals on Tibor Fly Reels here at Best Fly

Tibor Fly Reels are built "by anglers for anglers," plus the Juracsik folks are boastful their fly fishing gear are 100% "Made in the USA." Apart from the ballbearings, all component of each and every fly fishing reel is actually precision machined as well as hand constructed in its Delray Beach facility. Ted's notion in design and style based upon convenience and operation dates back to his days as a youthful apprentice. "The old masters constantly told me the most beautiful machines have the least moving parts," to quote Ted Juracsik.

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