Pflueger Fly Reels Considered Some Of The Best Reels On The Market

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Pflueger Fly Reels are considered some of the best fly reels on the Market

The President

The president is a quality reel. The frame and spool are created out of forged anodized aluminum. It has a large spool and an oversized ball bearing, which provides for smooth almost flawless operation. The drag system is great for those larger species of fish like Steelhead and Chinook. The President has an easy spool release switch and attractive rosewood knob that is large and easy to handle. The price of the President is between 125.00 to 170.00 dollars. Compared to other reels that may cost upwards of 300 dollars this is a great bargain.


The Trion

Trion Fly Reel

The Trion series of Pflueger fly reels is constructed basically of the same materials as the President. The Trion has more models than the President, which offers more choice. These models have varying spool widths, weights, fly line, and backings. This reel can handle the large game fish as well as the smaller fish in some rivers and streams. The Trion cost between 95.00 to 130.00 dollars.


The Medalist 1400 Series

The previous Pfluegar fly reels are more expensive than the Medalist, but this reel is great for the beginning angler without large amounts of cash to invest in a new hobby. This reel is constructed of aluminum alloy and the finish is non-reflective black. There is a push button for quick release of the spool. On the Medalist the drag is mounted externally. The price of this reel is about 30 dollars and is great for catching smaller fish.

The Purist

Purist Fly ReelThis reel is similar to the Medalist but has a few more features. One of the best features is that it comes pre-spooled with 20# Dacron backing 6 weight level fly line and 4x tampered leader. Lures are included in the package. A fisherman can basically take it out of the box, mount to a pole, and find a river. It’s that simple. The price of about 30 dollars is wonderful for a budget conscious hobbyist.

The Automatic

Of all the Pflueger fly reels described this one is the most classic. With this reel, there is no Pflueger Automaticneed to crank the line back in. It is totally automatic. The reel is aluminum alloy, has a stainless steel main spring, and stainless steel foot and line guard. The automatic function allows a fisherman to use one hand while fishing. If an angler wants a classic and durable reel, then the Automatic is a magnificent choice.


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