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This first video is about the line of freshwater Hardy Large Arbor fly reels, Swift the lightest of this line up and excellent for light weight graphite rods and line sizes of 4 thru 11. The next in line is the Angel 2 disk drag fly reel for line sizes of 4 thru 12. Next up is the Angel Feather weight for line sizes 2 thru 4 and the last is the unique Demon Reel for line sizes 4 thru 11. The video goes on to explain each reel and its features as well as the conversion from right hand retrieve to left hand.
Hardy Large Arbor Fly Reels

The Zane is Hardy's big game and saltwater reel and has a particularly strong drag system. Zane Fly Reel comes apart a little different than most other saltwater fly reels. Explanation of the carbon fiber, steel plate drag system as well as right to left hand conversion.
The Hardy Zane Fly Reel

This third video features the Hardy Prefect series fly reels which are the signature Hardy Reels, They have been built starting back in the 1890's in different forms The Hardy Perfect now is known as the Classic series and the now Bootleg series is an offshoot of this Perfect series fly reel as you will see in the video. This video goes on to explain that the reel have 3 basic components and explain how to disassemble the frame cage, ringing plate and the spool. Maintenance of the Hardy Perfect Fly Reels are simple and straight forward. One small draw back for some people may be the fact that the Perfect series come in only right hand retrieve or left hand. If you are looking to purchase one of these reels keep this in mind so when you get it you are ready to go fishing and not running back to the store or the post office to exchange it. On the other hand the Bootleg reel can be changed left to right and right to left.
Hardy Perfect Series Fly Reel maintenance and conversion

This video discusses the 3 Hardy Salmon Fly Reels reintroduced back in 2009. The St George Hotspur Salmon Reels first produced from 1920 to 1923. A Perfect 4 " and 4 1/2" are include in the Salmon Series and the video covers both as well as dis assembly and general maintenance. Here again these fly reels can not be changed from right hand retrieve to left hand so remember this when ordering or purchasing at your local store.
Hardy Salmon Fly Reels

This last video covers the Hardy Lightwieght Series of fly reel with a detailed discussion on the internal workings, drag adjustment and conversion from right hand retrieve to left hand. Flyweight, Featherweight, L.R.H. Lightweight and the Princess are all in this series of fly reels.
Hardy Fly Reel Lightweight Series maintenance and conversion.

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