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If you’re interested in quality fishing equipment then you should look no further than Okuma because its Okuma fly reels, fishing rods and various other accessories are of finest possible quality and are used by fisherman around the world.

Okuma first started out in this industry in 1987. Its founders were practical people with deep knowledge of fishing equipment, but they also possessed one more thing that most of the other companies didn’t – complete originality. Okuma gets inspiration from its customers and not from other tackle makers. Okuma is a trusted brand for a weekend fisherman up to a sports fisherman. Their employees are conveniently positioned all around the world to serve the fisherman of different cultures.

The USP of Okuma reels and rods it their immaculate customer service aside from the warranty they provide on their products. Their customer service centers are situated in US and Canada only. The parts to be repaired are shipped in an insured postage box and a check is made out to Okuma for covering the shipping costs. You can save on the repair costs if you can deliver and pick up your parts from their store in person.

After purchasing your Okuma fly fishing reels you need to take proper care of their parts to extend their working life span. Regular cleaning of the reel will greatly reduce the stress that accompanies the dirty wheel.

Many fishermen simply hose off their reel after they’ve finished using it, but it’s not the proper way to clean the reel. As its line is released or reeled in, the dirt and grease along with water will start depositing on the reel. Firstly, you need to read the instruction manual which comes with the reel and then follow the instructions provided there. You should also lubricate the moving parts regularly to prevent the buildup of rust.

We’re briefly discussing few models of Okuma fly reels:


This model comes with maintenance free and waterproof drag system and has anodized Okuma Helios Fly Reelaluminum rigid frame. It has exceptional drag range with small startup inertia.


Okuma Tuscani Fly ReelThis model has completely adjustable stainless steel and Teflon drag system and has easy to change left to right hand retrieval conversion.


They have super large arbor spool design for fast line retrieval. You can get affordable Okuma SLV Fly Reelspare spools that permit you to compliment your efforts with selection of lines.


Okuma Cascade Fly ReelIt has fully adjustable multi disk drag mechanism and is an entry level reel from Okuma.


This model comes with maintenance free drag system which is also waterproof. It also has Okuma Cedros Fly Reeleasy to change, Left to right hand retrieval conversion.


Okuma Integrity Fly ReelThis model makes a large arbor performance available to interested fly anglers. It is a perfect workhorse.


The fly reel that started it all for Okuma about a 23 years ago has only grown better with Okuma Sierra Fly Reelage.

If you’re interested in fishing equipment’s that will last you a lifetime, then you should go for Okuma fly reels and rods. You can definitely trust this company and they prefer to treat their customers as family members. Moreover, you will never feel disappointed with the warranty they offer on their fishing equipment’s.

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