Nautilus Fly Reels Atractive Plus Performance

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Fly-fishing is quite an old technique used for angling using an artificial 'fly' for catching the fish. The angler casts a fly using a rod, a reel, and a specialized weighted line
Fishing reels are generally employed in combination with a fishing rod. In case of boats, specialized reels are fixed directly to their gunwales or transoms.

There are different types of fly reels that are used depending on the angling one will do. A single-action reel is quite suitable for the novice anglers. In addition, you need to consider the kind of drag system you like to use. Larger size fish may need a disc type drag. For a smaller fish, a spring and a pawl type drag system is perfect.

Several manufacturers are making different varieties of Fly reels.

Nautilus Fly Reels have fully sealed maintenance free drag system and these are highly efficient. Nautilus NVNautilus Reels offer the best performing and attractive fly-fishing reels that are popular all over the world. Here are their main products:

Nautilus NV Reels:

NV reels come in five sizes in 10 different patterns. They are lightweight and have appealing looks and incomparable performance. They have G-Spools, which are waterproof and have their components that outperform any competitor's reels in the market. This series has a larger drag than CCF model. Most of the components have been replaced with ceramics and titanium in place of stainless steel. These reels are very amazing.

The Nautilus NV reels are the lightest in their category. They give you the highest worth for a big game type fly reel you may find in the market.

Nautilus CCF Reels:

If you are searching the fly reels, which are toughest and smoothest, CCF is the right choice. They provide most steady drag system. The CCF series leads the all makers of big game fly-fishing market with their technology by bringing a new concept that avoids the drawbacks of needing a high starting inertia, need to maintain the cork, and excess heat from carbon fiber. The flawless braking system has seamless reels

Nautilus CCFThe other Nautilus CCF Atlantic has a huge 5 inch reel. It is capable to catch the largest species. It has a unique reel built to match CCF-XL brake that functions to an exclusive performance. It can balance a 15 foot long Spey rod.

Nautilus FWX:

The latest Nautilus Fly Reels are FWX that are designed to substitute the FW series that had been a great success with fly for over five years. It weighs about a half an ounce lesser than the lightest disc drag type fly reels of aluminum found in the market. In addition, it is equipped with its Giga arbor design, which helps on a quicker line pick up as well as backing drying. The latest spools provided on these reels have a newly added stainless steel one-way clutch fixed in it branded clutch drive TORQ-X. The clutch ensures prompt drag engagement without any slackness. Further, it permits to switch over the retrieve direction quite easily. The new reels have been redesigned with a push on and click type tab release. FWX comes in three different models: 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8.
Nautilus Fly Reels offer you a great variety for selecting the fly reel of your choice.

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Comment from james p giustiniani
Time September 22, 2011 at 5:11 pm

looking for a nautilus nv giga arbor 8/9 in silver with right hand retrieve, was wondering if you had in stock?

Comment from Kirk 45
Time September 25, 2011 at 5:06 pm

I just got back from a fishing trip to the Texas I just got your message. I was working on the Nautilus pages last week but had not finished. The NV page is done
Nautilus NV . I found a couple that should fill the bill for you. Thanks for stopping by and hope I was of some help.

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